Why You Should Choose Cloaking Technology for Your Office Windows

Open-plan office spaces have become all the rage in New York City over the last decade.

Many companies have also installed glass conference rooms in their offices. They’ve used these design elements to make spaces feel larger and encourage collaboration among coworkers.

There are many benefits that come with open-plan office spaces and glass conference rooms. But one of the big drawbacks is that they make it difficult for people to get any privacy. As a result, they often inadvertently share sensitive data with everyone in an office.

Cloaking technology for your office windows from Casper can help you put this problem in the past. Your employees can use digital screens to check out a quarterly report or review a marketing video without broadcasting it to the world.

Here are three reasons why you need to choose Casper cloaking film for your office windows.

Cloaking Technology Will Keep Your Company’s Digital Screens Private

When you place Casper cloaking film over office windows, it’ll obscure anything on a digital screen behind those windows. While you’ll still be able to see into the window, the digital screen will look like a big black box.

Cloaking technology will make it possible for you to keep the screens in your office as private as possible. People won’t be able to see any sensitive data that you put up on the screens during a meeting.

This will prevent prying eyes from peeking into your office and stealing information. It’ll also prevent your own employees from seeing anything they shouldn’t be allowed to see.

You’ll feel better about the safety of your company’s data when you have Casper cloaking film installed.

It’ll Allow You to Maintain an Open Feel in Your Office

The great thing about putting cloaking technology on your office windows is that it’ll have almost no effect on the windows themselves.

You won’t be able to see digital screens through Casper cloaking film. But you will still be able to look into and out of office windows without a problem.

Your office space will feel every bit as open after you have cloaking technology installed as it did before you put the technology into place. This will enable your employees to continue to benefit from your open-plan office space.

It’ll Keep Your Company’s Office Looking Its Best

In the past, people have taken extreme measures when trying to shield digital screens from those who shouldn’t see them.

They’ve taped brown bags on glass conference room walls and gone to other great lengths to keep sensitive data private.

Some of these methods may have worked. But they also made office spaces feel more closed in and affected the overall look of offices.

People won’t have to turn to these ridiculous methods anymore with cloaking technology for office windows.

Install Cloaking Technology on Your Office Windows Today

Stop exposing your company’s sensitive information to those who don’t need to see it.

Placing cloaking technology on your office windows will make your office more private without forcing you to alter your open-plan office design. You’ll be able to use digital screens at will and not have to worry about the consequences.

Contact us to hear more about how Casper cloaking film works.

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