Celebrate National Window Film Day With 10% Off!

April 30th is National Window Film Day! This year Solar Solutions is honoring the day by providing its customers a 10% discount on all installations through the 1st week of May.  The International Window Film Association (IWFA) is highlighting the factors that helped to put April 30th in the national limelight.

It started in 2014 and has been growing ever since, through continued support from local window film dealers.

“National Window Film Day is a valuable opportunity for families, homeowners, drivers, or any citizen, to learn about this affordable and beneficial improvement,” said John Parker, President of the IWFA. “We’re proud to consistently support National Window Film Day and we encourage our members and the industry as a whole to participate as well.”

NWFD highlights the many benefits of window film and emphasizes how professionally installed window film is a good choice for the environment over replacing older windows entirely. A professional installation of window film saves on heating and cooling costs and may also be eligible for green energy rebates.  

But why was April 30th chosen – according to said Darrell Smith, Executive Director, IWFA, it gets everyone energized about the industry just before the summer hits. As many in the business know, window film shops are typically the busiest in the summer, as many of their customers want to be protected from the sun while the temperature outside increases.

Contact Solar Solutions today and mention National Window Film Day to receive your discount.  

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